M-Square Systems Inc. provides to its customers, highly stable and responsive solutions which enable flexibility in constantly evolving market needs. M-Square experts in strategic planning helps you to achieve your business needs in an innovative manner.

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Data Management

Our expert team will assist you in providing support in Data Management by verifying whether the data satisfies its primary use in operations, planning and decision-making. M-Square will help how data can be managed depends on the types of data involved, how data is collected and stored and how it is used throughout the research with the customer.

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Agile Methodologies

M-Square can implement and provide support in Agile methodologies for businesses to respond unpredictability situations. Agile development provide opportunities to access the direction throughout the development lifecycle. Agile Development is a different way of managing IT development teams and protects

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Enterprise Application

Enterprise Resource Planning is principally an integration of Business Management Practices and Information Technology with the core business processes of a corporate house to streamline and accomplish specific business objectives.

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Business Intelligence

M-Square Systems helps to its customers in Business Intelligence which includes recognizing, procuring, storing, aggregate, present, analyze and enrich the required data. Our talented employees assist you in developing appropriate Business Intelligence Solutions for your company and lead your team to be a good business decision-maker.

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Infrastructure Support

M-Square Systems is happy to help our clients to setup an environment for cloud computing – Software as a service (SAAS), Platform as a service (PAAS) and Infrastructure as a service (IAAS). Our Expects can help you in strategic planning and achieve your business needs in an innovative Manner.

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Biz with Government

M-Square Systems Inc. is a thriving IT consulting company that offers various IT solutions and services. M-Square Systems is glad to be a GSA contract holder, thereby providing a wide range of benefits to all of our federal and state agency clients.

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Outsourcing is the transfer of operation of business methodologies to an external service provider. Most entrepreneurs have great talents but many times they think they can do it all,” Lee Sparks says. “That can really stall the growth of the business. By outsourcing the day to day back-office tasks, the business has more time to focus on generating income.”

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Cyber Security

M-Square Systems helps your business to protect against cyber security risks & respond to incidents with our data breach & Identity theft solutions. Our expert team can help you to protect critical infrastructure environment from cyber threats and attacks. We provide compliance management to disaster recovery for your business.

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Our Clients


M-Square Systems offers a full range of IT services, meeting the needs of our clients across the structure of their IT organization. Customers are showing great interest to outsource the IT technology in order to focus on core business process rather than focusing on human capital, infrastructure management or IT development and maintenance.

Application Support & Maintenance

M-Square Systems provides support in application development, maintenance and support services will relieve your IT team maintenance resources to focus more effectively on strategic areas. Initiating the process of outsourcing helps the client to optimize internal processes and growth of organization, raise business efficiencies and ultimately – save money, growth,increase revenue, raise profit and satisfy your customer needs.

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QA and Testing

M-Square Systems provides high Quality Assurance Testing support to our customers. Our application testing services would help you determine the IT effectiveness, and handle vital business processes, bring down your production cost and ultimately to regulate your testing investments. M-Square Systems provides full application testing including both functional and non-functional testing to avoid defects and to prevent accident mistakes.

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Mobile Applications

In the past few years mobile app development has become a booming industry for all business. Mobile app development is a key factor for business success. With the growing number of people accessing the Internet via smartphones and tablets, mobile app development has the unique ability to grab a large number of potential consumers.

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Delivery Models

M-Square Systems provides flexible on-site and off-site delivery that are designed to suit varying comfort levels and provide various advantages for business. Through our service, outsourcing will become part of your strategy for cost reduction and to improve operations process. Our offer will provide financial return, risk mitigation, strategic alignment and intuition. The hybrid delivery model combines the advantages of both the onsite and offshore benefits.

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M-Square Systems had been training students and professionals to successfully withstand in this fast growing IT market. We assist you in setting a suitable platform that would provide success and efficiency on a long-term basis. Our company provides e-learning that could solve the strategic business challenges and provide additional technical skills to your employees. Our tutors can provide real time industry training to users.

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Enterprise Business Process

Enterprise business process (EBP) is “the end-to-end co-ordination of work activities that create and deliver ultimate value to customers”. M-Square Systems provides support in Business Process, Business Initiatives, Business Process Management, Analytics, Content Management, and Collaboration capabilities.

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Application Integration

Application Integration is a key part of IT strategy for every business. Enterprise application integration enables us to capture transactions and other business critical data in real-time, correlate information across applications to establish a clear vision of how current developments are affecting the enterprise, and then take action that exploits market opportunities. Choosing the right tool is very important because every business is moving towards cloud.

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Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of finding the right data to answer your problem, understanding the processes underlying the data, discovering the critical patterns in the data, and then communicating your results to have the biggest possible impact to your business. There is a critical shortage of people with these skills in the workforce, Hal Varian (Chief Economist at Google) says that being a statistician will be the sexy job for the next 10 years.    

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24/7 Support

We have custom support service to provide assistance around the clock for the clients.

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