Outsourcing, in simple English, is the transfer of operational of business flow or facility/IT infrastructure management, human capital, business methodology to an external service provider. These processes can be electronic transaction or manual transaction processing with more customized service.

Many companies have already started to consider outsourcing to increase the revenue growth rather than just a cost cutting. This enables a company to enhance a cutting-edge technology facility to increase the revenue growth goals without reinvesting the extra cash and manpower capital and allows emerging more on rapid growth desired rather than just maintaining the existing infrastructure.

M-Square Systems had always been enthusiastic towards outsourcing and aims in providing valuable client service satisfaction. M-Square Systems focuses on core business development with effective cost savings, flexibility and enhance capacity for innovation. At M-Square Systems, customers and clients are given the highest priority. Our company effectively defines and measures the requirements of its customers with the ability to deliver the desired, predicted quality on time.

It’s a well known fact that Information Technology is a rapidly advancing field. Many new businesses involving IT are getting established each day. For this reason, IT outsourcing have gained some vital attention. M-Square Systems prefer IT service outsourcing businesses as it requires more attention on core product and service resources for our best experienced work team and of course, with much lesser overall business cost.

M-Square Systems is eager to expand human resources outsourcing. We strive hard to improve our company’s efficiency so as to achieve our ultimate goal – “A Step Ahead in Technology”. We help in recruiting and hiring the most valuable and potential employees who could be a perfect match for a particular IT job description. M-Square Systems quote factors including quality, cost and commitment when we consider outsourcing.

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Nowadays, everything needs to be modernized and creative. M-Square Systems is one such company that is open to great innovative ideas and has expanded the pipeline of new thoughts. Our company gives a nod to absolutely brilliant ideas thereby making the “Test and Adopt” feature possible. For our business development, marketing and innovation holds the key.

M-Square Systems employees are mostly innovative thinkers. We look at ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way, thus making new inventions achievable. Employees at M-Square Systems have brought new businesses round the globe with their smart work. Our key to achieve innovation is simplicity. We work with sophisticated plans and exploit the top-down approach method which makes things easy to realize then after.

M-Square Systems believes that providing professional IT consulting services to our clients through innovative thinking could develop our business. It is so obvious that most of our customers are expecting the same from us. This enables our employees to learn more and also to hone their technical skills which had been our company’s success till date.

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To be successful in outsourcing and delivering projects to clients from offshore, M-Square Systems calls Technology Landscape. High Levels of organization has been reorganized to increase the demand for outsourcing the IT technology in order to focus on core business process rather than focusing on human capital, infrastructure management or IT development and maintenance.

These technology landscape drives most of the offshore IT with the quality outsourcing relationships becomes ever more important. Outsourcing project execution is a group work, dynamic exercises that requires both vendor and client to work together through well formed planning process.

Reduce Risk and Cost of doing outsourcing engagement

The goal of successful outsourcing project completion is in two Processes:

1. Planning stage Process

Evaluation of client process and their business framework with accurate information.

2. Project approach process

Joint operations, Clarity in Roles, Team plans, performance metrics etc.
This two phase process leads to deliver the successful project with good planning, accurate estimates, well defined requirements, effective management, and finally on time with right budget.

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M-Square Systems encourages the method of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

At M-Square, we define BPO as a division of outsourcing which makes an organization to engage in a business contract with a third party service provider for specific business dealing. In the present trend, BPO means providing support from an outside organization in order to ameliorate business activities, thereby replacing in-house services and labor.

Our company recommends Back Office Outsourcing which enables us to have business dealings on internal company functions including but not limited to Data entry, Data Scanning, Medical Transcriptions, Call Centers, Accounting/Financing and Human Resources. At the same time, we suggest Front Office Outsourcing which concentrates mainly around customer-related services, just like the contact center services. M-Square Systems is a flexible business firm which encourages both off-shore and near-shore outsourcing just to ensure that our business is efficient and successful.

M-Square Systems recommends BPO services to its clients because of its several advantages. Our company considers BPO as a method that could improve the flexibility of your organization. How? The answer is simple and lucid. BPO attempts to transform fixed costs into variable costs which make your firm not to invest in assets and therefore, assist to increase your firm’s flexibility. BPO allows your company to focus on your core competencies and also tries to increase the speed of your business processes.

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