Addressing IT infrastructure is critical part in IT data center and IT team. We should understand the fundamental of IT requirements and keep them in mind while choosing right infrastructure and should vision it correctly while building the infrastructure. Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, and IT Infrastructure Manager all should clearly treat this is the very important factor to develop, test, deliver the product to the users.

IT infrastructure is organization’s greatest asset and infrastructure manager should carefully consider hardware, servers, computers, data centers, networks, hubs, switches, and router while building the infrastructure for their business.

M-Square can provide state of art technologies to setup more robust,  , secure, scalable and flexible infrastructure to stronger your business.

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At M-Square Systems, we encourage the state of art technologies using Cloud Computing without spending huge money on infrastructure and software. M-Square Systems had always been keen to lend support to its clients as far as cloud computing businesses are concerned. Based upon user experience, cloud computing intend to deliver computing services to the user, making the underlying technology completely invisible behind the cloud.

M-Square Systems is willing to offer Information Technology services to its customers through cloud computing. Here at M-Square Systems, we have the best team which could build these services by a perfect co-ordination of systems altogether in a network, thereby making cloud computing possible. There are quite a lot of cloud computing platforms available. To name a few, we have: Microsoft’s Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and finally, the Apple Cloud.


M-Square Systems is much eager to start new businesses with its clients involving the fundamental layers of cloud computing – Software as a service (SAAS), Platform as a service (PAAS) and Infrastructure as a service (IAAS). M-Square Systems find SAAS to be meaningful and interesting as services are provided based upon the end-user requirements with the software being preserved and renewed on a cloud.

Nevertheless, M-Square Systems realize the salient features of PAAS to be even more interesting as custom applications can be designed and implemented using an integrated atmosphere offered by PAAS, more importantly with much lesser up-front investments.

M-Square Systems equally desires IAAS as it requires the client to pay (on a definite basis) to the service provider for utilizing its equipments which were used to provide and support operational services.

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M-Square Systems can recommends and supports to implement of virtualization to your IT. In technical computing, we could define virtualization as an abstraction of computer resources. Virtualization is of different forms including but not limited to hardware virtualization, server virtualization and network virtualization. Our company developers provide services for hardware virtualization by the creation of a virtual hardware machine with the respective supporting software being separated entirely from it.

MSquare Systems team has good expertise in server virtualization and network virtualization. Server Virtualization makes use of a single host machine on which several other guest operating systems can run, with a belief that those guest operating systems run on their own hardware. In this way, we would be able to reduce operating costs; achieve portability of enterprise servers; minimize administration overhead and also, achieve the benefits of disaster recovery. Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server; Xen; VMware Server, Workstation, Player, and ESX Server are some of the server virtualization products prevalent in the market, right now.

On the other hand, Network Virtualization requires taking many of the traditional client/server based services and placing them onto the network. To be concise, more services are performed using routers and switches. M-Square team is experienced in handling the three different sections of network virtualization – access control, path isolation and service edge. You could be astonished when you find the vital services like storage, security, mobility, VoIP and application delivery, all provided by our experienced team.

M-Square team can build a platform to implement virtualization for an immense amount of cost-effective and efficient initiatives in the datacenter. Our company also implements virtualization of not only through applicationsservers but also through databases, firewalls and network switches; which paves the way for virtual stack to hold the sensitive data and other critical applications.

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M-Square Systems Inc. is a rapidly growing IT consulting firm which provides information technology services, software development and web development services. M-Square Systems defines web services as a software system designed in such a way so as to provide support to interoperable application to application interaction just over the internet. In simple words, web services can be one of the different communication ways behind the web application that could be perfectly achieved over a network. Our company provides logical solutions to solve major problems involving firewall traversal, complexity of the enterprise applications and interoperability through web services.

M-Square Systems provides web-based application services to its clients through Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) which is actually a design principles pattern that could be flexibly used in computation, during system development and integration. A SOA-based system is made possible to include the interoperable functional services which could be used within several individual systems from various business domains. At M-Square, we recognize that service-orientation needs operating systems and other technologies to have loosely coupled services. Our M-Square developers provide access to these services over the network just to make sure that the users could produce applications by combining and reusing all of these services.

M-Square Systems is also involved in web services development through Web Application Programming Interface (Web API) where we tend to underscore the Representational State Transfer (REST) based communication services. Our company employees provide mashups (which is actually the combination of several web services in order to create new applications) through Web API.

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