M-Square Systems identifies Data Management to be consisted of different inter-related sectors including but not limited to: Data Quality Management; Database Management; Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Management; Document and Content Management which all uses and handles one general valuable resource (i.e.) the “data”.

M-Square Systems supports Data Quality Management as handling and utilizing that data which could be of high quality so as to satisfy its intended use. At M-Square Systems, our expert team will assist you in providing data quality management support by verifying whether the data satisfies its primary use in operations, planning and decision-making. M-Square will also lend a supporting hand in integrating a suitable data warehouse solution for your organization, which also includes the section of data quality assurance.

M-Square Systems provides a good support in designing, implementing and maintaining a database management system for your firm. Our experts constantly monitor and improve the database performance and capacity, with a deep thought about future database enhancement requirements. M-Square is keen in reorganizing your database model so as to provide you with an accurate control over the database system.

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At M-Square Systems, our best team will provide quality data mining services using proven methodologies and techniques to enable our customers to take accurate predictions and forecasts. Standard practices of classification, clustering, regression and association rule learning of data mining are implemented by us, to meet the client expectations on time in an accurate manner.

In general, M-Square Systems defines data warehouse as a database which could be used for reporting and analyzing purposes. We will be able to maintain the history of a company’s data; integrate these data from several source systems and provide constant improvement of data by through the ETL service of data warehouse. M-Square Systems helps you to create a broad business view through data warehouse by allocating a storage area for business data which is more specific for querying, reporting and also to support decision-making.

Data Warehouse is the entry point which is the combination of internal data tracking all historical information coupled with external market data about company information of sales, buyout, sell, market data and competitor activity. Background information on potential customers also provides an excellent basis for prospecting. As the warehouse grows with new decisions and results, the organization can continually mine the best practices and apply them to future decisions.


M-Square Systems can identify and build the data warehouse solution for your enterprise.

M-Square has proven experience in providing the perfect architecture for your data warehouse and also, in implementing data integration, ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes and data migration. Our ultimate goal to our client is to provide improved performance with perfect decision-making and optimized IT efficiency through our expertise services and solutions.

M-Square Systems ensure the data assurance and a competitive edge over other business firms in the present global information economy. At M-Square, our expertise in deploying and integrating the Informatica products will certainly assist you in your data mart environment and data integrity.

M-Square Systems also provides support to its clients in data storage. We assist you in designing a storage area for your business need and to create a broad business view through data warehouse. Such business data could be more related to querying, reporting and equally in decision-making.

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M-Square Systems have experienced professionals to work with the integration of data mining with the data warehouse, enabling operational decisions to be directly implemented and tracked. At M-Square Systems, we provide quality data mining services using proven methodologies and techniques to enable our customers to take accurate predictions and forecasts.

Nowadays, data mining is primarily used by companies with a strong consumer focus – Retail, Financial, Communication, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Logistics and Marketing organizations. It enables these companies to determine relationships between the internal and external factors so as to conclude their impact on sales, customer satisfaction and corporate profits.

M-Square Systems provides data mining services that predict future trends and behaviors, allowing your businesses to make proactive, knowledge-driven decisions. The automated, prospective analysis offered by us, allows you to bring more precision and clarity to your decision-making process. Our company follows standard analysis in stored transaction data based on open end-user queries, using several types of analytical software that are available such as statistical, machine learning and neural networks.

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M-Square Systems Inc. provides remote DBA services & solutions for Oracle, IBM DB2 UDB and SQL SERVER Databases for its customers and clients. M-Square experts DBA can help you to manage and maintain corporate databases in industry standards and provide and deploy all monitoring and maintenance scripts in corporate servers using cronjob and scheduled tool. Our area of services includes the following for Oracle, but not limited to:

  • Setup Oracle system health check monitoring services
  • Setup Oracle Instance health check services including instance parameters and database configurations
  • Setup Oracle health check for security and auditing services
  • Setup Oracle health check scripts for Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Setup Monitoring & Diagnosis health check alerts, logs, trace files, events, etc.
  • Setup Oracle Patch, Migration and upgradation
  • Setup Oracle Disaster Recovery / Replication
  • Setup Backup & Recovery system in place

M-Square Systems assures the efficient functioning of all features of the Operating System environment including kernel parameters – registry for Windows, and evaluates Operating System optimization for the areas including CPU configuration; DNS, FTP, HTTP, pop3/imap; SAN and NAS settings; Security; and Filesystem survey – mounts points. M-Square Systems provides Oracle performance monitoring which includes the following features, but not limited to:

  • Environmental optimization review
  • Instance configuration and parameters
  • Object and SQL optimization

M-Square Systems also provides appropriate assistance in SQL Server Database. We provide all but not limited to the following:

  • SQL Server Installation, Upgrades, Migrations and Configuration
  • Design and maintenance of SQL Server Data Warehousing
  • SQL Server and Operating System Clustering
  • SQL Database and Code Optimization
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning of SQL Server
  • Backups and Restoration of SQL Server
  • SQL Server Re-indexes and Defrags and Integrity Checks

 M-Square Systems provides impressive assistance in DB2 products, including the latest version of DB2 9.5.

  • Installation, migration, and configuration of DB2 products
  • Performance testing and monitoring of DB2
  • DB2 Troubleshooting and support services
  • DB2 security services including Firewall support by using security plug-ins
  • Data recovery and workload management

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