As business organizations are constantly involved in employing the latest technologies, suggesting and implementing certain software/hardware solutions and services into the business has become relatively significant. This is performed in order to streamline certain processes with increase in efficiency and cutting costs.

M-Square Systems Inc. provides its customers, highly stable and responsive solutions which enable flexibility in constantly evolving market needs. Our M-Square experts in strategic planning helps you to achieve your business needs in an innovative manner. Our area of service includes but not limited to:

  • IT Consulting
  • IT Staffing and Outsourcing
  • Project Management
  • Application and Database Development
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Data Management/Warehousing/Mining
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Business Automation
  • IT Security
  • Data Security
  • Application Integration

M-Square Systems Inc. focuses on core business development with effective cost savings, flexibility and enhances capacity for innovation. M-Square always aims to provide valuable customer-service satisfaction. At M-Square Systems, we give the highest priority to our customers/clients. M-Square has the ability to deliver the desired, predicted quality on time by effectively defining and measuring the customer’s requirements.

M-Square helps its clients by providing support in Business Intelligence. In the present market conditions, our company regards that business intelligence is really required so as to maintain a standardized and profitable business. M-Square employees will assist you to have a good business decision-making environment through the development of the required business intelligence solutions. We are also looking forward to provide assistance in business analytics software services.

At the same time, M-Square Systems provides support in solving common software development design problems by incorporating object-oriented concepts in design patterns with object arrangements. Our team can also implement virtualization by building a suitable platform for an immense amount of cost-effective and efficient initiatives in the datacenter. M-Square recommends to its clients to use the cloud computing by a perfect co-ordination of hardware and software systems altogether in a network. Please feel free to Contact Us if you should have any queries.

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M-Square Systems focuses in design, development and deployment of dynamic database driven websites, large back-end administration control systems and web applications. M-Square expertise also includes developing mobile application. We have top level experience in IT consulting to help you make an informed decision. We assist you to optimize your company resources, reduce the overall costs operation and gain competitive advantage with high quality solutions.

M-Square Systems provide security and application consultants to perform rigorous risk analysis to build up a consistent view of the target system, followed by code analysis for tracking risks throughout development and strategically mitigating risks. IT Security problems should be invented in the early stages of development cycle in order to provide a flawless system. Our security services enable our client’s highly sensitive data to be more secure.

Our software and application security consultants make an in-depth analysis on the client’s application from the design phase so as to prevent the security problems from the initial stage. M-Square highly skilled employees are capable of building application models using techniques such as entry point identification, privilege boundaries and threat trees in a systematic approach so as to identify potential threats to your application. Our threat modeling efforts enables better security practices in your application and protects your corporate assets.

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M-Square Systems Inc provides one of the best Information Technology consulting services round the globe. We lend support to meet your business objectives by making the best use of Information Technology. Our company has the best IT team which could help you to move forward in technology. At M-Square Systems, we have a good relationship with our clients by defining the responsibilities clearly, thereby helping our clients to visualize the ultimate success. Our clients are the best people to choose what they want, while our company is the best to advice them and help them to realize what they require.

We know that Information Technology field is rapidly growing each and every day. IT based projects are not only related to hardware/software deployment and upgrades but also related to improve performance and boost productivity. As we see, most of the businesses are mainly focused on IT; it becomes quite important to make sure that appropriate technology aligns and provides proper support to meet the business goals. M-Square Systems is one such company that is pleased to provide advices and consulting services related to information technology.

Why IT consulting services from M-Square Systems?

  • M-Square Systems had been successful in IT consulting business for many years. It offers IT strategy services which includes Technology Assessments, Architecture Review (Systems Planning) and Systems Strategy Planning (e-Commerce Strategy).
  • M-Square Systems provides good guidance and support to help you in Information Technology field, so as to fulfill your business target.
  • M-Square Systems assist you to outsource all or part of the IT services.
  • M-Square Systems helps you to have a complete access to the expertise provided by our temporary consulting employee.

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M-Square provides support corporate IT servers on regular basis. M-Square Systems provides assistance in securing all emails through accurate set-up and SSL technology. M-Square Systems will support you in Exchange Server management and also in reducing the SPAM emails you receive each day. M-Square Systems helps you in the migration of your e-mail data to a new server environment. You need not worry about the old information and also, about the efficient operation after migration as M-Square will continue to provide adequate support even after the migration.

When we talk about computer networks, we could say “Industry Standard Networking should be able to connect different people; people to machines; and different machines”. But if your network weakens, nothing could possibly work due to dangerous programs Virus, malware and other hacker programs. M-Square Systems helps you in managing your network by providing full assistance in all of the following, but not limited to: Router Management, Anti-Virus Management, Firewall Management, VPN Management, and ISP Management.

M-Square Systems clearly understands how difficult regular server backups would be to perform. In order to properly backup all of your data and information, M-Square provides extensive support in implementing the appropriate hardware or software solution at a low cost. M-Square Systems also provides a daily, ongoing maintenance so that you can focus on running the business rather than thinking about regular backups.

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