M-Square Systems helps its customers in Business Intelligence which includes recognizing, procuring, storing and analyzing the required data. In order to maintain a modern, standard and profitable business, business intelligence is really required in this current market situation. Our talented employees assist you in developing perfect business intelligence solutions which tends to be a good business decision-maker.

M-Square Systems recommends the realization of two phases of Business Intelligence to its customers. The strategy and planning phase of business intelligence involves engaging into business with such an enthusiasm of not only to just provide data but also with a deep attention of those things that could be achieved through the data; while the second stage is the implementation phase which reminds the level of business need and obviously, about its ultimate benefits. Our company employees are committed in finding out the benefits behind the implementation of business intelligence, with a good knowledge of quality and amount of available data. M-Square Systems is one such business organization that is dedicated in providing business intelligence solutions.


  • OLAP (On-line analytical processing) – provides a multidimensional, précised view of business data so that it can be used for reporting, analyzing and planning for the optimization of the business.
  • Advanced Analytics – (often referred as predictive analytics, data mining or forecasting) provides some measures based on facts, by taking the advantage of statistical analysis techniques.
  • Real time BI – uses emails, messaging systems or interactive display units in order to allow the real-time distribution of metrics.
  • Data Warehouse and data marts – significant components of business intelligence which handles the numerous enterprise records for integration, aggregation and query tasks, so that it could provide support for the physical propagation of data.
  • Data Sources – can be operational / relational databases (or even external data from the internet) which contains important information that could provide support to the business applications.


M-Square Systems discovers the salient benefits of Business Intelligence to be astonishing. Due to business intelligence, communication within various departments in an organization can be enhanced, thereby resulting in the elimination of guesswork. We believe that an organization’s overall performance can be improved with the help of business intelligence. But you may think how it is possible? The reason is here. For any organization, information is one of the most important assets. If analysis and decisions are performed based upon accurate information, it is sure that the company is about to boost its performance.

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M-Square Systems describes Business Analytics as a technological practice performed in order to gain insight and improve business planning from constant, regular examination of the previous business performances and growth. Developing original insights and better thoughts about business performances are the core attention of Business Analytics. To be succinct, M-Square Systems believes that Business Analytics would be able to drive decision making as it not only makes use of extensive data, statistical and quantitative analysis and predictive modeling but also uses fact-based management.

MSquare Systems team identifies the power of open source-R which proves to be the world’s most powerful open source data statistics software. At M-Square, we consider the fact that Revolution Analytics uses this open source-R with innovative ideas in data analysis and user experience, just to accomplish the requirements of modern businesses. Our company is excited to assist you in your queries related to business analytics software services. Please feel free to Contact us for more information related to Revolution Analytics.

At M-Square, we help organizations in creating and developing business analytics and  provide support in turning real-time business data and financial data into meaningful information through SAS advanced analytics. Customers will be able to do better business through the fact-based decisions, provided by this advanced analytics.

M-Square Systems Inc. will provide support in installing and configuring SAS 9.3. SAS 9.3 is not an update or upgrade of SAS 9.2. SAS 9.3 is a new release and we should install in a directory that is separate and empty from any previous SAS installation.

Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0_24 is the baseline JRE version that is required by SAS 9.3. The SAS Deployment Wizard executes a java full version command to verify the functionality of the required Java Runtime Environment. This command also verifies that the jvm.dll file is working.

The following are the steps involved in installing and configuring SAS 9.3: 

            1. Create operating system users and groups.

            2. Creating a SAS Software Depot.

            3. Installing Third-Party Products.

            4. Install and configure SAS.

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